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  • Damselfly
  • Gossamer
  • Falling From Grace
  • Quiver
  • Grace of Day
  • Dark Veil
  • Bird Song
  • Black Halo

Dark Need preview: Chapter One

I know that it's been a while since I've put out a book, but just so you guys know that I HAVE been working, here's a sneak preview of Dark Need, the sequel to Dark Veil. Enjoy!


Chapter One




This is the way things work on our island: Trogs come. Trogs stay. Trogs leave.

We don’t make friends with them. We don’t hang out with them. We don’t share island stories with them. We let them eat, shop, sleep, swim, walk around. And when they leave, we follow them. Sometimes we do it because it’s fun to scare them. Most times, we do it because we’re hungry.

Trogs come in all sizes, shapes, colors, and we each have our preference.

My dad likes them short and round. He says their fat makes them taste better. Jameson, my best friend, liked the tall, leggy ones. He said they struggled more which made them sweeter. Brenda, my ex-girlfriend, had a taste for the young ones. Gran didn’t care as long as it was fresh.

And Audrey, my baby sister, stopped eating them the minute she came: Fallon.

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Sometimes Life Gets In The Way

I have to apologize to all of you. A big, fat, huge, gigantic, hugemongous, mountain-sized apology is owed to each and every single one of you.

I have been neglectful of the site for some time now, and it's no one's fault but my own. I've been busy, I've been stressed, I've been so preoccupied that my allegience to the people who've helped me along the way - you, my fans - has fallen to the wayside and there is no excuse for that. You guys deserve better. You guys deserve so much more than what I've given to you this past year. I apologize. I am truly, truly sorry. 

I have been writing. I have. I've got WIPs of the sequels to Dark Veil, Damselfly, Sweet Silence, as well as standalones all right here in front of me. I've been doing my best to work on them when I can, or when I find the inspiration or motivation. But it's hard. I won't lie to you about that. Sometimes life gets in the way of doing the things we want to do because the things we need to do has priority, and even those are given an order of priority that takes away from the rest. I should have done more to make writing a top priority. I should have foreseen the troubles that were coming in my life, but I didn't, and I have no one else to blame but me, myself, and I. I won't go into detail on what those troubles were/are, because they are not important when it comes to my readers and the stories I owe you. You have kept me going, your dedication and love have been branded on me, and I promise that I will do better.

Things are getting better. I'm working through things and I'm figuring some things out. I've got outlines done and chapters done and slowly but surely, things are coming together. As always, you guys will be the first to know when books are complete.

I love you wonderful, thoughtful, caring readers. Your kind emails, your messages, and your comments prove to me just how blessed I am as not only a writer, but also as a person. Thank you. Thank you so very, very much.


I Solemnly Swear That I Have Been Up To No Good



It's been a while. I've been a really bad, bad blogger and I think before anything else, I need to tell you guys how sorry I am. 

Sometimes life gets in the way of the things you need and/or want to do, and then things spiral out of control to the point where you don't know which way is up, and how you proceed out of the rabbit hole. I am currently sitting in the dark hole, trying to find my way out and my first step is to talk to you, tell you what's going on.

I've been busy - that much is obvious. My life is always busy, what with four mites and all, but these past couple of months have been crazy. After a long wait, we finally moved into our new home. It's been wonderful, hectic, lovely, insane, and just plain awesome. Add on to that the fact that my husband is overseas working and you've got a single mother of four trying to get a new house up to par while tackling these characters in my head who all demand my full attention.

So what does that all mean? 

Well, for me it means too much and too little all at once. That spiral I told you about? It leads down. That rabbit hole? It's called depression.

Truth is, I've been depressed for a while. I know what it is, I know what it does, and I know how to help it. Up until my husband left, the depression was manageable without doing anything. Now, though, without that additional support in my work, my mites' lives and activities, and this home, I've fallen into a funk. It sucks. I drag myself out of bed to take them to school. I paint a smile on my face and keep myself busy with things that dont require me to think much: cooking, baking, building things. But at night, when I'm most inclined to write, my brain just quits and I feel my body just groan with emotional exhaustion. 

I don't want to smile. I don't want to wake up at five in the morning. I don't want to bake cookies that I won't get to eat because my mites are like the seagulls in Finding Nemo.

I want to scream and cry, throw things, break stuff, possess Fred Durst's body and yell at his reflection for ruining "Behind Blue Eyes".

And I want to write.

I want to respond to the emails you all have been sending me.

I want to finish sending out all of those prizes and gifts that you all have been waiting so patiently for. But up until now, I just...couldn't.

So what's changed? 

Well, nothing. I'm just tired of being tired, of being down, of being depressed. I've reached my own breaking point and instead of going further down the hole, I'm blowing it up. Boom, bitches! 

So, first things first: I'm writing. I'm writing and I'm writing and I'm writing. What I'm writing isn't making much sense, but it's writing. I've got books to finish, books to start, stories to tell, characters to kill...or help fall in love. Fallon, Liv, Sophia are all waiting patiently in line for their turn. I've also got some new characters wanting to be introduced to the world; especially to you guys! Soon you'll met Claire, Celsia, and others. I hope you're excited!

But, what's an "Oops, I suck - let's make this better!" blog post without some good stuff coming your way besides just more stories?

How about a character naming contest? 

What about an entire library of my books?

Kindle? Amazon and B&N gift cards? 

All of these are coming and they're all for you! 

So, let's start over. 

Hi. I'm S.L. Naeole and I'm a writer. Let's be friends.

Haiku Monday: October 8, 2012



This is for Lila in Rhode Island who emailed me her suggestion for heartache and redemption as this weeks' Haiku Monday topic.


In time this too will

become just a memory

that you wll cry for


I once knew a boy

who'd taken my innocence

and made me wicked


I've given you me

In return you gave me pain

Now I give you hate


My sorrow is not

a tool you can use for your



He was once my all

He was once my everything

Now I am much more


I saw him walk by

My eyes sprung tears like faucets

I'm now over him


Someone new is here

One who loves me completely

That someone is me

Haiku Monday: Call for topics



It's that time. With the weekend approaching, I want you readers to comment with your topic of choice for Monday's Haikus. There are no restrictions so long as you keep the language withing semi-decent territory. Haikus are underappreciated and need more exposure so let's make this fun!

Haiku Mondays and Sweet Malice are coming back!



Starting in October, there'll be all new chapters of Sweet Malice, as well as Haiku Mondays.

But, since haikus aren't exactly the most...interesting of poems, I'm gonna let you guys choose the topics. Every Wednesday, I'll send out the call for suggestions for haiku topics and will pick five. They can be about anything - don't be shy! Haikus - like limericks - can be pretty fun!

Have a great weekend, sweet readers!

Damselfly Cover



It has been a long time coming, but Damselfly is almost here!


As a thank you for being so patient, I've got the cover reveal right here after the jump.



Read more: Damselfly Cover

The One With Good News and Bad News... (Winners Selected!)



I have been putting off writing this blog post because I kept hoping that there wouldn't be a need for it. Unfortunately, the need is there and I feel I owe it to you, the fans, to let you know as soon as possible.

Read more: The One With Good News and Bad News... (Winners Selected!)

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